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At APOS we fit patients with both custom and prefabricated orthopedic braces. All custom braces are fabricated on-site by our qualified staff. Braces can be put into the categories of Spinal, Lower Limb, and Upper Limb. A partial list of our products can be found below. Mouse over any of the highlighted items below to view a picture and a description of the item.

Custom Transfers, like those shown in the picture at right, can be applied to nearly all custom fabricated plastic braces, at patient request. These transfers are available for a small additional fee. Let your practitioner know if you would like a special transfer pattern. Choose from several selections, found below. Mouse over the pictures to see an enlarged version.


Spinal Orthotics

A partial list of spinal orthoses is as follows:

All LSOs and TLSOs are custom fabricated for each patient. While most of our competitors take only measurements and find a similar pre-existing brace for their "custom" LSOs and TLSOs, we take a direct mold. This ensures a perfectly individualized fit.

Lower Limb Orthotics

A partial list of lower limb orthoses is as follows:

Upper Limb Orthotics

A partial list of upper limb orthoses is as follows: